On the Pilgrims path “St. Marienkirchen am Hausruck to Altötting in Bavaria”

Pilgrimage has many meanings: For the two hiking and Nature guides Afred Zeilinger and Austriaguide Annegret Ritzinger it means: gaining experience beyond everyday life, diving into different worlds….: The world of plants, or the world of religion of our ancestors….They can be witnessed in many churches and chapels along the way. They will touch us in our spiritual senses. We will find a possibility in conversing with each other about spontanously born interests. The path is  130 km, and is subdivided in 8 phases. They can be individually booked. We will see nine pilgrimage churches, naturparadises like the monastry gardens of Maria Schmolln or we pass through the famous marh landscape “Ibmner Moor”. Of course we will find a hearty meal in a local inn. Chose your prefered phase. Or book the whole!

Dates, times and price on demand.