The beauty of the Innviertel

Enter an exciting trip to the diversed history of a magnificent prealpine landscape and discover the traditional welcoming attitude of the local people.

As a certified Travelguide (austriaguides) I invite you to and adventurous discovery in and around the prosperous Innviertler city  of Braunau. The baroque and at the same time modern urban center of the city of Linz as well as the exceptional beautiful city of Salzburg. We offer convenient walking tours, dynamic bike tours, as well as comfortable busrides to experience the fascination of Modern Arts and secrets of the past.( For example Ars Electronica Center and fine churches and museums.)

My personal recommendation: Visit one of our themewalks like:

“The nakes truth”. I will take you to the historical public bath in Braunau. I will share with you the culture of bathing in the 16th and 18th century.You will be surprised about all the “piquant details”.

“The dark side” I switch, together with you, a light onto dark historical places. During my “nightguardtour” I let you dive into the past, and let you intervene in spooky and obscure adventures.

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I am so pleased to meet you soon!

Susanne Urferer